Areas and Services

We are endorsed by our extensive experience in all fields, from the most general to the most specialised.

Below we offer you a brief selection:


Jurisprudence; legislation; commercial, financial, industrial relations, administrative, international, criminal or civil law.


Securities, accounts, consultancy, banking, insurance, corporate communication, human resources

Communication, arts and humanities

Literature, journalism, marketing, politics, education, tourism, gastronomy, oenology, history, art history, cinema, music, cosmetics and fashion.


Engineering and machinery, aeronautics, architecture, physics and chemistry, mathematics, IT, telecommunications, electronics, agriculture, environmental and forestry sciences, energy, shipping, urban planning.

Health and sport sciences

Medicine, psychology, pharmaceuticals, biology.

Simple and sworn translation

Top-quality specialised translations carried out by a team of experts in each subject who only work into their own native language.

Interpreting in spoken and sign language

We have a team of fully qualified experts in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting*, whatever the language combination.

* If you require material, we place at your disposal our technical and human resources to ensure the success of your event.

Sworn interpreting

If you require the services of an official sworn interpreter, at WordsOn you will find highly-qualified accredited professionals.


We adapt your projects to the target culture and market, whether they involve software, websites or video games.

Transcription of audio and video documents

We offer a multimedia transcription service adapted to your needs and to any audio or video format.


Our methodical proofreaders are the key to a perfectly-completed project that meets the most demanding expectations.


We have state-of-the-art technologies in assisted translation and localisation which enable us to guarantee terminological coherence, handle tagged formats (html, xml, etc.) with total security, reduce delivery times and cut costs.


We adapt to the specific requirements of every one of our clients: large volumes, multilingual projects, all types of supports and formats (html, xml, pdf, qxd, etc.), rush jobs, etc. We guarantee to fulfil the agreed delivery period.


We place at our clients’ disposal confidentiality agreements which guarantee the privacy of all the information processed.


Contact us by telephone or e-mail, and one of our coordinators will take charge of supervising all the process, from drawing up the quotation to delivering the project.

In a language project even the slightest detail counts, so please do not hesitate to give us all the information you may consider relevant: for example, addressee, field, register, glossaries or reference documents. In interpreting services, we also need to know other details, such as the characteristics of the facilities or the number of participants.